“The fictional Zach Barrett's brilliance in outmaneuvering a corporate owned media --- one which would just as well pretend he doesn't exist --- adds to the intrigue. But the core of Averett's work is to be found in Barrett's seeming necessity to compromise principle in order to ascend to his duly elected office --- and the slippery slope that could be created by that compromise --- one which portends to make a Barrett Presidency as remarkably ineffective as a vehicle for meaningful democratic change as the one we are currently experiencing.”
 -   Ernie Canning is a frequent contributor to BradBlog, writing on a wide range of issues. His    articles are well-researched and thorough, educating and motivating for his audience of activists. His full review of Imaginepolitik can be found here on BradBlog.

"A compelling political allegory about a President-elect's struggle against the machinations of ruthless political officeholders and corporate power brokers to discredit him and his Independent Party's platform to restore American Democratic Ideals. Quixotic, intense . . . inspiring."
- Kermit Carvell, Writer and Producer, Last Hero Productions

"In Imaginepolitik Richard Averett creates a progressive’s dream scenario in which the newly elected President of the United States works to create an administration intended to move us toward the world John Lennon spoke of in “Imagine”.  Then he takes us inside the transition team as the President Elect fights back against the reactionary forces which inevitably align to stop him.  If you are a progressive, you will find yourself wishing that Averett’s Imaginepolitik could indeed be Realpolitik… "
- Rich Fox has raised money for hundreds of not for profit and progressive political organizations on four continents, and now serves as Chairman & CEO of the consultancy, Rich Fox & Associates, Inc.

"Averett has constructed a page-turner of a political thriller, replete with strange, admirable and loathsome bedfellows, fascinating ethical dilemmas, and the terrifying dramatization of my own personal worst nightmare: election fraud and irreconcilable e-voting system failure at the very heart of a U.S. Presidential election imperiling the apparent victory of a truly progressive third-party candidate. As we barrel towards 2012, I only pray that this book remains fiction."
- Brad Friedman, independent investigative journalist, blogger (, broadcaster, co-founder, expert on issues of election integrity, and a Commonweal Institute Fellow.


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