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ImaginePolitik is thrilled to help acclaimed independent journalist Brad Friedman continue his excellent work at Brad Blog. Brad’s investigative work on electronic voting manipulation has been groundbreaking and was the inspiration for a key plot turn in Imaginepolitik. You can help support his work by following this link to a Premium Offer for contributors.

From the July 8, 2011, Monterey County Herald, B1, Art Beat column 1:
"Local Authors on July 23 -
Organizers are gearing up for the second annual 'Local Authors Live!' event in Carmel. Scheduled from noon-4 p.m. on July 23, the event will feature more than 70 local authors in all book genres. It is a benefit for Monterey Pensinsula libraries.
Among the dozens of names scheduled to appear are Ed Brodow ('Negotiation Boot Camp"), Richard Averett ('Imaginepolitik'), Gloria Jean ('Hot and Hairy'), David Rasch ('The Blocked Writer's Book of the Dead') and Peter Powles ('Sumatra'). Bluegrass bond Sidesaddle & Co. and singing group Bay Belles will perform. For more information email or"
Come out for a great cause and to talk politiks.

June 16, 17, 20 and 21, 2011, the Mike Malloy Show was guest-hosted by Brad Friedman. Brad is an electronic voting expert and well known for his blog ( covering politics and election fraud. He also has his own radio show (on KPFK). Brad interviewed Imaginepolitik author, Richard Averett, on the June 20 show. The announcement and audio clip follow. Fast forward the clip to the half-way point to catch Richard being interviewed in the last half-hour. The announcement and full radio show audio are courtesy of

Click here to listen to Richard Averett's interview with Brad Friedman on the Mike Malloy Show.

The novel ImaginePolitik was released in June 2011.  Every day some event in the real world demonstrates another lesson unlearned, another missed opportunity for leadership, and another in-road subtly made by multinational corporations to supplant democracy with corporatocracy.  Life isn't simple, but we're letting the loudest voices - those with the money to hire the chorus - tell us that our common sense is not capable to deal with a complex world.  ImaginePolitik is about each of us using our common sense.  It's about holding the so-called common wisdom to a gut check.  And it's about holding our leaders to our standards, rather than the Chamber of Commerce's standards.





11:37 p.m., PST, November 4, Presidential election night
San Francisco, California
Steps of San Francisco City Hall, looking out over Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place (Polk Street)

President-elect Zachary ‘Zach’ Barrett stood on the top landing of the restored City Hall and motioned with his hands to quiet the exuberant crowd of an estimated 150,000 supporters. Twelve minutes ago the election pundits had declared he and his Vice President-elect Adam Kimball, victorious in a threeway race for the White House. Barrett had just thanked his supporters, the American people and his opponents, and now it was time for him to announce whether the campaign promises were made to win the election or to govern. He placed his hands on the podium and leaned slightly toward the microphones arrayed in front of him.

“Your voice has been loud, clear and unequivocal—and will not be ignored any longer. Corporate America will return to its rightful place: as business units run by people, paying livable wages, working within the law. Not making the law, not buying elections, not regulating their competition and their markets, and not exploiting workers and the environment. Play fair, be competitive and you can make money.”

Barrett ignored the applause for his repetition of campaign slogans; he was going further. He needed his supporters to be mad, madder and more to the left than where he stood. Without a radical left, his positions would be at the extreme end of the political spectrum and thus any compromises would be to the right. He wanted the compromising to end where he was now, even if he had to disappoint his more ardent supporters.

“Your voice has been loud, clear and unequivocal—and will not be ignored any longer. This nation is not ‘in play’ like some corporate take-over target. We will not be another leveraged buyout, so mired in debt to foreign agents that we trade our sovereignty, our rights or our assets for debt relief. We’ll pay our debts and get out of this financial mess we’re in. Let everyone who may want to exploit our financial vulnerability know that we have the ultimate ‘poison pill’ that will keep us free—our democracy. And we’ll never give that up. We’ll...


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